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eLearning that

responds to health education needs

eLearning that

addresses social issues

eLearning that

simulates systems training

eLearning that

understands work, health and safety

What We Believe

Critical eLearning for the real world

For thousands of years, humans have used storytelling to pass on valuable lessons of the past and master essential life skills for the future. Today’s campfires are our devices. We are passionate about bringing real-world storytelling to eLearning. We believe that everyone should have access to education, so our stories are affordable and easily available.

What We Do


We create stories. Stories that engage, where the learner becomes involved – like in a good book. We create a safe space to learn by doing through the human dimension.


We create authentic replicas of systems and situations where people are safe to learn. Whatever the training, we can construct reality – making it safe and smart.


We create learning fun. Game design thinking which is highly engaging, provides instantaneous feedback and leads to an increase in recall and retention.


A highly engaging speaker can turn the room around. Think about a comedian deliberating on work, health and safety or a victim of domestic violence sharing their journey.

Our Industry Focus

Health Education

When lives are hanging in the balance, every decision is critical. Health eLearning is in our foundations. Whether it be clinical or corporate, we understand the audience. We believe that the end users are the patients. So, we deliver high quality, safe, team based, patient-centred learning.

Social and Welfare

Our society includes many groups who are vulnerable, disadvantaged and volatile. Knowing how to understand, interact with, and achieve positive outcomes is essential. We create eLearning to foster understanding, growth and to support our vulnerable. Whether it’s situational, mental health or physical, we love creating meaningful and impactful education.

Safety and Regulatory

Sometimes the difference between a close call and a terrible accident is effective preparation and training. How to prevent, and respond to, hazardous situations is the difference between life and death. We specialise in creating engaging WHS eLearning, crafting policies and procedures into life and animating legislation into existence.

Systems Training

There is a difference between learning how to use a system and having a true understanding of one. You can show someone the buttons to press – the how – but they need to know the why. Our customised eLearning solutions allow for new learners to truly participate in the system they’re learning.

Our clients

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Our People

Nina Lord


Nina is passionate about finding solutions to allow people to learn.

Renee Haddad

Project Manager

With a background in investment, Renee’s determined to deliver on your budget.

Diarmaid Collins

Visual Designer and eLearning Developer

Visual design and eLearning development is just his thing.
Big skills x two.

Matthew Bibby

eLearning Developer

If it can be developed, Matt can do it. Running his own consultancy, Matt contracts with MasterE and is the master of development.

Philip Lord

Editor and content writer

A journo and video creator by trade, Philip knows his way around a narrative.

Scott Xavier Higgins

Instructional Designer and Script Writer

Scott is a master of the written word. Script writer, instructional designer and brilliant concept creator.

What our clients say

“I love it. I am continually impressed how you take my academic writing and turn it into something enjoyable.”

NSW Health

“Thank you for the great work you have done. The SME are really happy with how you have captured the content and myself, as the L&D specialist am rapt at the learning principles and design you have completed on the module.”

Forest Fire Management Victoria

“You really have been wonderful to us.
I’m so pleased.”

NSW Health

“Just got to say that I love the little tune. I’ve even got a special dance for  it! You really have done a great job. It is so smick!”

NSW Health

“You have gone way beyond what was asked and it was a pleasure to work on the project with you. It was actually fun and I looked forward to our meetings.”

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning